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G-Man how did  you get your nickname? .....
Well  jess gave it to me.....

Originally from Philadelphia, Pa.   G-Man rides a 04 Yamaha Road Star.


Mrs. G. How did you get your name?
Look who I married....

Hometown girl from Lehighton, Pa.   Mrs. G loves to ride with her Husband G-Man


Rooster how did you get your nickname? .....
It is a family name.....

Originally from Brooklyn N.Y.   Rooster rides a 02 Yamaha Road Star.


Pinkey how did you get your nickname?......
I wear alot of pink.....

Originally from Millville N.J.   Pinky loves to ride with her Husband Rooster


Hawk how did you get your nickname?......
I used Hawk missiles in the military......

Originally from Massachusetts, but was an Air Force brat and lived all over the world.   Hawk rides a 05 Harley Heritage.


Crash how did you get your nickname?......
Well I crashed into the garage doors the first time I tryed to ride.......

Originally from Ft. Elgin Fl.   Crash was also a Air Force brat and loves to ride with her Husband Hawk.



High Tower how did you get your nickname?.......
6"10 340lbs you guess why.....

Originally from Maryland,   High Tower  Rides a Harley Ultra Classic


Six Pack has been called that since Noah built the Ark...

Originally from Kearny, N.J.   Six Pack rides  a variety of bikes which include a 96 Harley Soft Tail Springer, 98 Harley Heritage,  and a 68 Harley FL all of which  he rides with his Wife Linda. .



Mike is called MC Mike because he is a DJ among other things.
Mike is from Brooklyn N.Y. and rides Kawasaki


Don’t ask about Whistles name. All we can say is that large breasts make funny noises on a motorcycle.


Lisa is from Brooklyn N.Y. and ride with her Husband Mike


Blue Mountain Kodas FO. MC.