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A place to remember our love ones

Aunt Linda


 She'll Meet You At The Gate 


A beautiful garden now stands alone

missing the one who natured it on

Now that she is gone

Her flowers still bloom and the sun it still shines

But the rain is like tear drops

to the ones she left behind

The leaves lay waiting to take the gardens beauty away

but the memories of its keeper

are in our hearts to stay

She loved every flower

even some that were weeds like me

So much love she would plant

with ever little seed

But just like the flowers she was part of Gods plan

So when it was her time

he reach down his hand

He plucked her like a flower and took her to His land

It was her time to rest we had to understand

It was hard for the ones she left behind

But God had a spot in His garden that needed a gentle soul

So when you start missing her, remember if you just wait

when God has a spot in His garden

She'll meet you at the gate



Aunt Linda,

I'll love you always, forever and a day 

Love your Debbie Cakes




Blue Mountain Kodas FO. MC.