Blue Mountain Kodas FO.MC.

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Mission Statement


We are a family oriented, drug and alcohol free motorcycle club. We believe that family is the most important thing that we have, so it always comes first. Therefore we are like one big family.


Our mission is to change the way people see bikers and clubs. To help our community and to assist our neighbors.


As our motto states:

We Are Known By The Tracks We Leave Behind

How We Came To Be

We are a group of friends that enjoy the sport of motorcycling and each others company.

Most were part of another group but decided to start our own so that our familys could be more involved with what we do. Also we feel that each member should have a say on how the club is ran and not one person calling all the shots. It’s a group of friends that like to ride and riding is what we want to do.


Our Charter

      Founding Chapter,
      Lehighton, PA

Our Club Officers

G-man: President

Rooster: Vice President

Hawk: Treasurer

Pinky: Secretary

High Tower: Sergeant At Arms


*The officers listed are also the founding members of this club*

Other founding members are:


Mrs. G

Other Members
MC Mike

Blue Mountain Kodas FO. MC.